Preschool - Set of 7 ABC Series

Preschool - ABC Series workbooks + storybook

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  Bible Pictures to Color $4.50
  Adventures with Books $4.50
  Counting with Numbers $4.50
  Do It Carefully $4.50
  Everywhere We Go $4.50
  Finding the Answers $4.50
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Children will love this set of Bible stories with accompanying workbooks. The set starts with an enjoyable story book, Bible Stories to Read, with 60 stories you can read aloud to your children. The Bible Pictures to Color workbook also has a coloring page for each story that you read.

But the value does not end there—also included are:

  • Adventures with Books: Instill a love for reading early on. Teach your children to use their imagination and learn matching skills, cutting & pasting and following simple directions.
  • Counting with Numbers: Easy-to-follow directions and clear black-and-white pictures help your child focus on learning early counting skills.
  • Do it Carefully: Help your child learn to follow basic directions by teaching them shapes, sounds, and matching skills. Practice word meanings, such as left/right and big/little.
  • Everywhere We Go: More colors, shapes and sounds. Learning initial consonant sounds.
  • Finding the Answers: Teach rhyming, carefulness and personal responsibility.

A-B-C Series

This series provides preparation material. Six workbooks give practice in coloring, cutting, pasting, and following directions while learning neatness and carefulness with books. The storybook gives auditory and oral practice for the child.

For recommended scheduling, see Complete Program Set.

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