High School Program

Presented by Milestone Books and New Covenant Christian Academy

Earn High School Credits or a Nationally-Recognized High School Diploma.


What follows are some generalizations as to why some of the curriculums we carry do not include High School.

Pathway and Schoolaid were written for Amish and similar schools which do not give formal training beyond the eighth grade. In these communities the children finish their training at home with their parents or others who have similar values. They are adequately educated to provide for their families and take adult responsibilities as they mature.

Rod and Staff publishes for Mennonite and similar schools who end formal education at the end of the tenth grade. The pattern then follows much the same as the above. In these communities the youth mature into responsible adults who are then able to take up adult responsibilities.

However, we serve many families who appreciate the above curriculum, but do not live in communities that provide opportunities for apprentice type training after the eighth or tenth grade. Now, what shall they do?

One approach is to take what courses the family feels are needed and then take a high school equivalent (GED) test. In some situations this can work, but some parents want their children to do High School.

We (Milestone Books), in conjunction with New Covenant Christian Academy (NCCA) of Oregon City, Oregon, have worked out a plan for home school students to earn a High School Diploma. We help you select textbooks that New Covenant Christian Academy approves for their High School Program. New Covenant Christian Academy administrates the High School Program and awards the Diploma when qualifications are met.

First we recommend Rod and Staff books that qualify for High School credits, and then we select curriculum from other publishers who support 6-day creation and other Christian values, or who do not militate against such values. Not every text will be ideal in every respect, but we are doing our best to select materials that are useful for Christians living in today’s world. You also have the liberty to use other courses that qualify.

Considering the large number of children from Christian homes that lose their way spiritually in college settings, we do not advocate sending children to college. To those who decide to do so, the diploma and transcript of credits from New Covenant Christian Academy has been widely accepted by colleges and universities.


The beauty of this Diploma Program offered by New Covenant Christian Academy is the fact that it gives to the parents the freedom to use any high school level curriculum that they choose to complete graduation requirements. If the parents are designing their own curriculum, it is simply asked that they have it approved by their advisor. While we, Milestone Books, are suggesting courses that qualify, you are not required to use our suggestions. This offers you the liberty to craft your own high school plan without being pushed into a particular mold. Students may also take supplemental classes to fulfill requirements such as community college courses, classes at a local private or public school, or co-op classes. Another option available is that if a junior high age student working in a text that is high school level they will gladly receive high school credit.

The first year a student applies for the program there is a non-refundable one-time application fee of $63. Yearly tuition is $441 per student. For graduating seniors (final year), an additional one-time $100 senior fee is applied for records maintenance. Curriculum costs are not included and will vary depending on the courses chosen.

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