High School

The main curriculum lines we offer are published by conservative Amish and Mennonite groups that finish formal education after 8th or 10th grade. In these communities the children finish their training with apprentice-type work at home with their parents or with others who have similar values.

Because we serve many families who appreciate the above curriculum, but who want their children to complete a typical high school education through 12th grade, to help fill in the gap we have selected a number of courses from other Christian publishers who have high standards of education. These courses can be found through our main curriculum page, but we have also listed them separately here by subject.

Language Arts

Special Note: because the Rod and Staff English series is very thorough and more advanced than many other grammar courses, completing the series through 10th grade would be the equivalent of 12th grade according to typical requirements.

GradeTopicCourse TitlePublisher
9Reading / LiteratureA Time to HealRod and Staff Publishers
9Writing / GrammarCommunicating Effectively Book 1Rod and Staff Publishers
10Writing / GrammarCommunicating Effectively Book 2Rod and Staff Publishers
11Reading / LiteraturePerspectives of LifeChristian Light Publications
12Reading / LiteraturePerspectives of TruthChristian Light Publications


GradeTopicCourse TitlePublisher
9Bookkeeping / AccountingRecordkeeping for Christian StewardshipRod and Staff Publishers
9Pre-Algebra / AlgebraAlgebra: A Complete Course (Modules A,B,C)VideoText Interactive
10AlgebraAlgebra: A Complete Course (Modules D,E,F)VideoText Interactive
11GeometryGeometry: A Complete Course (Modules A,B,C)VideoText Interactive
12GeometryGeometry: A Complete Course (Modules D,E,F)VideoText Interactive
9Algebra 1Algebra 1Christian Light Publications
11Algebra 2Algebra 2 (Preliminary Edition)Christian Light Publications


GradeTopicCourse TitlePublisher
9BiologyExploring Creation with BiologyApologia Educational Ministries
10ChemistryExploring Creation with ChemistryApologia Educational Ministries
11PhysicsExploring Creation with PhysicsApologia Educational Ministries

Social Studies

GradeTopicCourse TitlePublisher
9 Understanding the Past Five CenturiesRod and Staff Publishers
10 Understanding World GeographyRod and Staff Publishers
9 Civics and World GeographyChristian Light Publications
10 World HistoryChristian Light Publications
11 United States HistoryChristian Light Publications
12 Democracy and Christian ChallengesChristian Light Publications


GradeTopicCourse TitlePublisher
-Home EconomicsHome Economics 1Christian Light Publications
-EngineeringPractical DraftingInsight Technical Education
9TypingTyping for Christian ServiceRod and Staff Publishers
9BibleThe Revelation of GodRod and Staff Publishers
10BibleThe Completion of God's Plan for ManRod and Staff Publishers
-BibleBaker Bible Atlas StudiesRod and Staff Publishers
-EthicsChristian Ethics for YOUthBechtel Books
11VocationThe Everything Career Tests BookBasic Skills