About Us

Milestone Books is the online bookstore of Milestone Ministries, LLC

We are an independent vendor of materials by Rod and Staff Publishers and other publishers. Many of these, including Rod and Staff Publishers, do not operate a website. We are endeavoring to provide online customers with a friendly source for these fine products.

Milestone Ministries was begun by Silas and Martha Martin as a way to put their retirement years to good use by helping to equip parents in their high calling of raising children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. It continues this focus under the management of Joel Erickson, who has been with Milestone from its early years.

Our primary emphasis is on making Bible-based school curriculum available to as many families as possible. We believe that the materials by Rod and Staff Publishers lay a strong, biblical foundation that prepares the child for personal faith in Jesus Christ. The illustrations and examples used in the textbook subject material are helpful in developing a servant spirit and preparing the child for godly living. We also feature materials from other publishers, and though these often have less biblical emphasis, the content is morally upright and consistent with conservative values. Our choice of storybooks is much more than entertainment. We want to instill a value system that will help prepare readers for right attitudes and usefulness in life.

Our ministry also distributes literature to encourage individuals to respond to the teachings of Christ and the apostles. To call Jesus "Lord" is one thing, but to live under His lordship is another. We personally accept that challenge and encourage you to do the same. It is our prayer that you will be blessed and encouraged though the products that we sell.