Review of VideoText Algebra
by Dr. Jay Wile, author of Apologia Science Curriculum

The quality of mathematics is extremely important to me, as math and science go hand-in-hand. There are many students who cannot handle my chemistry course, for example, because they have not had a good algebra course. That is why I strongly encourage you to look at Videotext Interactive's algebra course. It is, truly, the best that I have seen.

The course teaches real mathematics. It does not use tricks or shortcuts. Instead, it teaches the student to think mathematically. That's what is missing from many algebra courses! The use of animation and graphics is excellent. They do not detract from the learning, as is the case with some video courses I have seen. Instead, they enhance the student's ability to understand what is happening in each and every step along the way.

If you want your student to really learn algebra, then you should use this course. In short, this course is a scientist's dream come true! Every science-oriented student should use it.