Adventures with Books workbook

Preschool - Adventures with Books

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  • 64 pages
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Also available in the preschool complete program set.

Adventures with Books includes recognizing the 8 basic colors, identifying simple shapes, and understanding a few familiar word meanings.

Basic Aims:

  • Practice neatness and carefulness.
  • Care for and use books properly:
    • Handle carefully
    • Proceed from top to bottom and from left to right
  • Follow simple directions:
    • Match with lines. Circle. Underline.
    • Cross out or mark with an X.
  • Recognize colors, and color correctly.
  • Practice cutting and pasting.
  • Draw with lines and circles.
  • Recognize shapes: circle, square, triangle.
  • Practice word meanings:
    • alike—different
    • left—right
    • big—small
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