Hearing and Helping workbook

Preschool - Hearing and Helping

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Also available in the preschool complete program set.

Hearing and Helping, with a rain forest theme, includes practice in hearing initial consonant sounds and rhyming words; understanding words in sentence context, as well as following instructions. Exercises also include examples of families and children helping others.

Teaching Aims:

  • Practice neatness and carefulness in use and care of books.
  • Follow directions such as coloring, tracing, writing, drawing, counting, matching, cutting, and pasting.
  • Practice use of basic colors, shapes, and numbers.
  • Hear words that are similar or opposite.
  • Hear initial sounds: /ch/, /p/, /g/, /m/, /c/, /d/.
  • Hear rhyming sounds.
  • Hear and follow simple directions.
  • Hear and understand sentence meanings.
  • Appreciate helpfulness of families and friends.
  • Learn the joy of being a helper to our family and friends.
  • Learn about warm, wet rain forests in tropical lands.
    • Many animals, birds, and insects live in rain forests.
    • Harpy eagles, jaguars, macaws, new world monkeys, quetzals, sloths, and toucans live in Central and South America.
    • Chimpanzees and hippopotamuses live in Africa.
    • Peacocks and tigers live in Asia.
    • Hornbills live in Africa and Asia.
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