Pentime Penmanship

Handwriting by Pentime Publishers

The Pentime handwriting series was carefully designed to teach proper handwriting. These books are designed with the students and the teacher in mind. Minimal teacher assistance is needed to teach students these writing skills, so no teacher's manuals are necessary.

This series begins with a manuscript type that is custom designed with helpful arrows, making it simple yet educational for the students. The transition from manuscript to cursive is easy to learn for most students. They continue to practice handwriting skills with custom designed letters and helpful arrows, and can enjoy their work while studying interesting topics, including wildlife and nature.

The art of pencil coloring may be touched up with Pentime books or can be completely ignored when time does not allow.

Grades 4 - 8 have progress report boxes designed to help the teachers better communicate with their students, so students know where they have areas to improve.

As the eighth graders polish off their handwriting skills, they also have the opportunity to try their hand at calligraphy.

For a finishing touch to the series, we offer desk labels in the Pentime typestyle. These labels, with their bright rainbow borders, add splashes of color to any classroom.

The letter forms are quite similar to those used by Rod and Staff penmanship (grades 1 - 4), so students should be able to switch between curriculums without much difficulty.

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