Open the Dikes (Book 2) - Dutch Freedom Series

Open the Dikes (Book 2) - Dutch Freedom Series

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From the Dutch Freedom Series.

"Memories," Gerrit said with a grimace. "I wish I could just throw my memories into the Scheldt River and watch them float out to the North Sea, never to be seen again."

Gerrit and Bettgen both had happy memories of growing up in Mennonite homes—and sad memories of losing their parents. But they had strayed far from their Mennonite heritage.

Yet the memories persisted, becoming all the more vivid when the Pruys children came into their lives. These children, too, learned what it was like to see their parents being captured by cruel bailiffs.

Open the Dikes is the story of a spiritual journey. It is also the story of a marriage—played out against the background of the Dutch revolt against Spain. When the dikes were breached, flowing water brought salvation to a city—and this becomes a parable for the spiritual journey we all must travel.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword

Part One: Gerrit

  • Aboard the Hollander
  • The Sister Who Cared
  • Parable of the North Sea
  • The Basest of Men
  • Off to the Sea
  • On the Garden Bench
  • New Friendship

Part Two: Bettgen

  • Warning from Irema
  • Unbaptized
  • A Rite for Gerrit
  • Unexpected Freight
  • No Compromise
  • Don't Pressure Me
  • A Home for the Children
  • Tinderbox
  • Poor Lambs
  • Restless
  • Missing
  • How Alkmaar Was Saved
  • The Way Forward

Part Three: Gerrit Again

  • Tricks Up Their Sleeves
  • How Leiden Was Saved
  • The Parable of Leiden
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