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The true story of a pet Canada goose

Hatched in an incubator, Waddles began his life at a school in British Columbia. Later he came to live with the Miller family, who found his unpredictable antics highly entertaining.

Who knew a Canada goose could find comfort in a doll? Or that a goose can swallow a whole carrot at once? What would Waddles do when the children tried to teach him to fly? How long would Waddles stay?

The lively family who raised Waddles from a gosling learned many lessons from their sometimes silly goose. Now you can enjoy Waddles too!


  • 1. A New Pet
  • 2. Stop Teasing Waddles
  • 3. What Is Waddles Eating?
  • 4. What Happened?
  • 5. Frustrated
  • 6. Flying Freedom
  • 7. Waddles and the Apples
  • 8. A Call for Help
  • 9. Goodbye, Waddles
  • Afterword
  • Note From the Author
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