Color, Count, and Cut - Preschool Activity Workbook

Color, Count, and Cut - Preschool Activity Workbook

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An Activity Book for Four-Year-Olds

from the Set of 4 Preschool Activity Workbooks

Note to Parents:

This third book of this series was designed to provide practice in the three arts which the title, Color, Count, and Cut, suggests. The main focus, however, is on coloring exercises. The large, simple pictures were chosen with the four-year-old in mind.

If, however, you find that your child is not yet ready for the activities in this book, do not force it. Hold the book back for several months and then try again. On the other hand, if these exercises are too simple and the book is soon consumed, get a harder book.

The activities in this book not only provide practice in coloring pictures, but they should also help to reinforce the child's ability to distinguish the eight basic colors if that concept is not already established in your youngster.

Because most children this age cannot be expected to learn to recognize the actual color words, this book is designed with a color code using eight different geometric shapes, one for each of the eight colors introduced. This shape-color code is used throughout the book.

As you read the simple instructions for each page to your child, you will want to help the child relate to this color code. To do this effectively, we have provided a color chart on the left side of this page. We suggest you take a minute to color this chart now (or help your child do it). This chart will then serve as a reference chart in case the child has a problem remembering what color each shape stands for.

Toward the end of this book are a few pages of simple cut and paste exercises. Here again, you will want to provide guidance and assistance as the child encounters this first experience with scissors and glue. How enjoyable these first experiences are will go a long way in laying the foundation for a healthy attitude toward future activities and work habits in general.

We hope you and your child enjoy the activities in Color, Count, and Cut.

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