About Three - Preschool Activity Workbook

About Three - Preschool Activity Workbook

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A Beginning Activity Workbook for Three- or Four-Year-Olds

from the Set of 4 Preschool Activity Workbooks

Note to Parents:

The book you are holding is a beginning activity book for your young child. It was made to provide an introduction and practice in motor skills such as hand-eye coordination and visual comparison of objects. It also gives some primary exposure to number concepts, which should be an asset to young minds when the time comes to learn these concrete lessons in numbers.

What age is this book intended for? As the title suggests, it was designed for children who are About Three years old. Please keep in mind, however, that while some children will be able to do these exercises at three years old, others might not be quite ready for them.

If your three-year-old does not seem to be ready for these exercises, do not become alarmed or decide that your child is underdeveloped. Each child develops and matures at his or her own individual pace. We suggest you let your three-year-old try About Three. If it is beyond the youngster's level, hold it back several months and then try again. If it is too easy and the book is soon consumed, get a more advanced book.

On each page there are simple instructions, and some pages have short paragraphs of interest for the young child. You, as the parent, will need to read these instructions to your child, and help him or her understand what is to be done.

On most pages you will notice small arrows with each exercise, indicating the direction the lines are to be drawn. We recommend you instill this basic left-to-right pattern into your young child as these activities are done. It is something that needs to be learned, and the younger the child learns it, the easier it seems to be.

To get the most out of this book, the child might first do the exercises without a pencil, using the fingers only. It could then be repeated with a pencil, and then yet another time with a crayon.

We hope you and your child enjoy the activities in About Three.

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