Counting with Numbers workbook

Preschool - Counting with Numbers

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Also available in the preschool complete program set.

Counting With Numbers teaches the child to identify, write, and know the meaning of numbers 1 through 10. It teaches number sequence (after, before, and between) and simple math-related words, such as more, less, first, and last.

Teaching Aims:

  • Practice carefulness in use of books.
  • Practice neatness in all work.
  • Review from previous books:
    • Proceed from top to bottom and from left to right.
    • Follow directions of matching, crossing out, circling, underlining, cutting, pasting, coloring, and simple drawing.
    • Recognize shapes as square, circle, triangle.
  • Math concepts and word meanings:
    • Identify, write, and know meanings of numbers zero through ten.
    • Supply missing numbers in sequence which comes after, before, and between.
    • More (greater than), less (fewer than), and same (equal to)
    • Longer, shorter, and taller, shorter
    • First and last
    • Empty (zero), full (whole), and one-half
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