The Treasure Hunt (Book 2) - Amish Frontier Series

The Treasure Hunt (Book 2) - Amish Frontier Series

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Book 2 in the Amish Frontier Series; a sequel to Blossoms on the Roof.

To young Joe Yoder, Colorado was the land of the gold rush. He had learned about the adventuresome days in the 1800's when Colorado's population became swollen with gold-seekers.

But the Yoder family was not moving to Colorado to find gold. All they wanted was cheap land so their sons could start farming. So they left North Dakota, where land had become expensive in the fifteen years they lived there.

Colorado offered many of the same challenges they had faced in North Dakota. Dry weather farming isn't easy. Joe dreamed of an easier life. What if he were to find gold in the stream, just as those earlier gold seekers had?

He learns to know an old gentleman who has panned gold for most of his life. Together, the old man and the boy learn what is the true treasure in life.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Threshing Day
  • 2. Pikes Peak Stories
  • 3. More Colorado Talk
  • 4. Train Trip
  • 5. Moving
  • 6. To the Hospital
  • 7. Smoke-Clouds and Back-Fires
  • 8. Clock of Life
  • 9. Den in the Stream Bank
  • 10. A Secret Shared
  • 11. The Prospector
  • 12. Father Goes Away
  • 13. Drawn Like a Magnet
  • 14. Sick Man
  • 15. The Miller Boys
  • 16. Miss Price and the Boys
  • 17. Storm Dog
  • 18. Set Fere
  • 19. 100 Mile Trip
  • 20. True Treasure
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