Blossoms on the Roof (Book 1) - Amish Frontier Series

Blossoms on the Roof (Book 1) - Amish Frontier Series

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Book 1 in the Amish Frontier Series.

It was time to board the train! Susan gave Polly one last hug, then she stepped back. Father gripped Polly's hand tightly, picked up Jakie, and led the way to the passenger car.

It was 1894 and times were hard for the Yoder family as they struggled to survive. When Father announced they could get free land in faraway North Dakota, it seemed almost too good to be true.

They left Grandpa and Grandma and their many friends behind as they boarded the train waiting to take them on their adventure. When they arrived, they found themselves in the midst of a prairie. How will they build a house in the middle of nowhere? Where will they get firewood with no trees around? Then one day they saw a huge billow of smoke and terrified animals running for their lives...

Yes, life in North Dakota was not easy, but God was good and they found that He never let them down.

Table of Contents

  • 1. The Big Blue Umbrella
  • 2. Paddy Long
  • 3. Abraham's Obedience
  • 4. Happy Hearts
  • 5. Free Land
  • 6. Eskimos and Huskies
  • 7. Train Ride
  • 8. Kettie and Mattie
  • 9. Home at Last
  • 10. A Roof Made of Grass
  • 11. A New Team
  • 12. Firewood and the Indians
  • 13. Picnic with the Oxen
  • 14. Firebreak
  • 15. Fire!
  • 16. Good Bye, King
  • 17. The Secret
  • 18. Rain at Last
  • 19. Cold
  • 20. A Feeling in the Air
  • 21. Long Night
  • 22. Promised Blessings
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