Guidelines for the Christian Young Man

Guidelines for the Christian Young Man

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  • Introduction: "Dear Young Man"
  • Holy Spirit: "Your Invisible Friend"
  • Born Again: "Twice Born"
  • Friendliness: "It's Nice to Have Friends!"
  • Socializing: "But, What Can We Do?"
  • Peer Pressure: "All My Friends Are Doing It!
  • Stewardship: "Getting the Most for the Least"
  • Sports: "Playing the Game"
  • Tobacco—Alcohol: "Becoming a Man"
  • Entertainment: "What May I Do?"
  • Sound Speech: "Speaking the Truth in Love"
  • Character: "Living With the People God Gave Me"
  • Non-Resistant: "Turning the Other Cheek"
  • Dating: "How Do I Find the Right One?"
  • Singleness: "Must I Face Life Alone?"
  • Engagement: "Exciting Plans for the Future"
  • Marriage: "When One Plus One Equals One!"
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