Grade 11 - CLE Social Studies - United States History Set

Grade 11 - CLE Social Studies - United States History Set

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Each LightUnit includes a self test for each section and a LightUnit test, and should be completed in about three weeks.


Samples display a couple pages from each LightUnit.

LightUnit 1: Foundations of American Democracy

  • I. Foundation of American Democracy
  • II. Virginia and the New England Colonies
  • III. Middle and Southern Colonies

LightUnit 2: Development of Constitutional Government

  • I. Relations with England
  • II. The Revolutionary War
  • III. Birth of a Nation

LightUnit 3: National Expansion

  • I. Ship of State
  • II. Revolution of 1800 and War of 1812
  • III. Nationalism and Sectionalism

LightUnit 4: A Nation Divided

  • I. The Emergence of Sectionalism
  • II. The Emergence of Slavery

LightUnit 5: A Nation Divided and United

  • I. Regionalism
  • II. Civil War
  • III. Reconstruction

LightUnit 6: United States Involvement at Home and Abroad

  • I. Surge of United States Industry
  • II. Change of Industrial Life Style
  • III. Isolationism of the United States
  • IV. March into Conflict

LightUnit 7: The Search for Peace

  • I. The Great War and Its Aftermath
  • II. The Golden Twenties
  • III. The Great Depression
  • IV. The New Deal

LightUnit 8: War and the Nonresistant Christians

  • I. World War II
  • II. Cold War Era
  • III. "Resist Not Evil": Conscientious Objectors in American History

LightUnit 9: America During the Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon Administrations, 1961-1974

  • I. President Kennedy and the New Frontier, 1961-1963
  • II. President Johnson and the Great Society, 1963-1969
  • III. President Nixon and the New Internationalism, 1969-1974

LightUnit 10: America During the Ford, Cater, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton Administrations, 1974-1996

  • I. President Ford and President Carter, 1974-1981
  • II. President Reagan and the Reagan Revolution, 1981-1989
  • III. The Bush and Clinton Administrations, 1989-1996
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