Rainbow Promise

Rainbow Promise

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Although the three West children try to be happy and helpful when Father is gone for a month in the summertime, they miss him and find the extra responsibilities hard to cope with.

They might have been able to handle the extra load if it had not been for the accidents that happened, that Mother got sick, and that they ran out of money and a lot of things they needed at the same time.

Mother tries to keep the children contented and happy by reminding them of God's promises, and of His instructions on how His children should face the unpleasant things of life.

The summer has its bright spots too: surprises, gifts, answers to prayer, special visitors—and God's many rainbows.

In the end there is a grand surprise for Father—and another rainbow.

The children in this Christian home setting learn to rejoice, to be thankful, to bear one another's burdens, to pray, to be patient, meek, cheerful, and kind to one another, and to work as unto the Lord when tasks are unpleasant.


  • 1. Things to Rejoice About
  • 2. Flood in the Chicken House
  • 3. Helping Loren
  • 4. Plans Are Changed
  • 5. The Children Make a List
  • 6. Working for Mother
  • 7. The Children Pray
  • 8. God Keeps His Promises
  • 9. Another Rainbow
  • 10. Interrupted Hike
  • 11. More Chicken House Trouble
  • 12. A Kitten and a Picnic
  • 13. Lorilee's Letter
  • 14. News from Father
  • 15. Uncle Wilmer's Surprise
  • 16. Gifts of Apples
  • 17. "Can He Supply So Much?"
  • 18. God's Answer
  • 19. "Must We Go?"
  • 20. Working for the Lord
  • 21. A Surprise for Father
  • 22. Painting the Garage
  • 23. Father Comes Home
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