Sometimes Mirrors Lie - and Other Stories

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Stories to inspire wisdom and courage

"Sometimes Mirrors Lie" Do muscles make us strong? Do pretty faces make us valuable? God looks inside our hearts. What does He value as true beauty and strength? How do mirrors sometimes lie?

"Mr. Ornery" Brad's elderly neighbor seems to be upset by everything Brad does, and Brad is tempted to hold a grudge. How can he win his neighbor's friendship?

"Just-a-Minute Judy" Judy's new teacher expects her to respond promptly, but Judy has fallen into a bad habit. When Judy's habit causes her disappointment, what will she learn about diligence?

"Jake the Fake" Jake is overwhelmed by all his work. He is sure his parents are expecting too much of him, whether it's washing a pile of dirty dishes or hauling rabbit droppings to the garden. Are Jake's jobs really too hard, or is his problem something else?

"Estefeni's Birthday Parties" In the Spanish culture, a girl's fifteenth birthday calls for a special celebration. But Estefeni is a new Christian, and things that once seemed fun now seem foolish to her. What will her parents think if she leaves the party?

Most of the stories in this book are true episodes about real boys and girls. What will they do when met with mockery, pursued by pride, or lured by laziness? Learn with them from the book of Proverbs—that true wisdom comes from God, and real strength is the courage to do right when confronted with temptation.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. Sometimes Mirrors Lie
  • 2. Wisdom—God's Gift
  • 3. Sorrow—The Better Path?
  • 4. Climbing Carl and His Kite
  • 5. What Is Strength?
  • 6. Dumb Boys and Prayer
  • 7. The Knitting Machine
  • 8. Mr. Ornery
  • 9. When Stubbornness Explodes
  • 10. When a Milker Met a Tooth
  • 11. The Bridge of Forgiveness
  • 12. The Tractor and Travis
  • 13. Silly as a Goose
  • 14. A Broken Leg and Merry Heart
  • 15. A Finger and Foolishness
  • 16. Snoopy or Curious?
  • 17. Just-a-Minute Judy?
  • 18. Jake the Fake
  • 19. Dirty Socks and Friendly Wounds
  • 20. "But Mother, I won't drop it!"
  • 21. Too Rich to Sleep
  • 22. Learn to Listen—Listen to Learn
  • 23. Moonlight, Dream Come True
  • 24. Eddie and the Bike
  • 25. Tammy's Birthday Sweater
  • 26. Under the Wings
  • 27. So Easy for God
    • Part One: A Pair of Glasses
    • Part Two: Blondie, the Jersey Cow
  • 28. Yesenia's Song
  • 29. Estefeni's Birthday Parties
  • 30. A Clash of Cultures
    • Part One: Africa—Two Houses or One?
    • Part Two: America—Style or Simplicity?
  • 31. Guard that Tongue
  • 32. Quit or Grit?
  • 33. A Dog for Doug
  • 34. Juanita's Prayer
  • 35. My Sister Michelle
  • 36. Cockfights and Surrender
  • 37. Ice for Mrs. Leh
  • 38. "I hate being different"
  • 39. A Bunny and a False Witness
  • 40. Amy and the Nail
  • 41. Berries and the Hedge of Thorns
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