A Home for Grandma

A Home for Grandma

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If the Metzler five had known what unusual, unanticipated, and unwelcome events the summer held for them—but then, they do not know, so they proceed on their happy, busy way, a day at a time, until certain circumstances foretell the fact that this summer is not going to be an ordinary one.

Of course, the ten-acre truck patch demands the usual, unrelenting toil of planting, weeding, and harvesting, but the truck patch does not prevent other things from happening.

Joseph, the fresh-air boy from New York City, arrives with a flourish, contributing more than his share of excitement for the two short weeks of his stay.

Things continue to happen as a hike ends in disaster, a thunderstorm changes plans drastically for Merle, and William tries his hand at tractor driving with some exciting and unexpected results.

Then there is Grandma who quietly and cheerfully mingles with the Metzler family, showing love, unselfishness, helpfulness, peace, and a longing for heaven.

A wholesome interesting story, full of hard work and family love and loyalty, with its normal ups and downs and pleasant and unpleasant experiences. The story leaves a commendable example of respect for the aged and shows a warm family relationship on a three-generation level. It portrays a proper devotion to right and truth and comes to a warm, satisfying conclusion. Will be enjoyed by readers ages ten to fifteen.


  • 1. "Only a Thousand or Two"
  • 2. A Special Visitor
  • 3. Grandma's Problem
  • 4. "This Is the Happy Way"
  • 5. Higher Ground
  • 6. "What's Wrong with Molly?"
  • 7. Attic Adventures
  • 8. The Kingly Cat
  • 9. "A Brother My Age"
  • 10. Joseph
  • 11. Too Many Women
  • 12. "Is Something Wrong?"
  • 13. Accident!
  • 14. Trouble Brewing
  • 15. Runaway
  • 16. Summer Storm
  • 17. Arvin's Sacrifice
  • 18. A Job Well Done
  • 19. Poor Little Jonathan
  • 20. A Bad Day for William
  • 21. Breakfast Surprise
  • 22. "I Shall Be Satisfied"
  • 23. Sale Day
  • 24. A Dozen Doughnuts
  • 25. In Grandma's Room
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