The Everything Career Tests Book

The Everything Career Tests Book

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Book required for Investigating Career Paths Set.

10 Tests to Determine the Right Occupation for You


  • Acknowledgments
  • Top Ten Things to Remember about Career Tests
  • Introduction

1. Know Yourself, Know Your Career

  • Self-Assessment Is Key
  • Finding Your Passion
  • Self-Assessment Is Your Personal Checkup
  • Your Readiness for Change
  • Why Take Self-Assessment Tests?
  • What You Can Learn from These Tests
  • Career Change Options

2. Values and Your Career

  • Values and Career Satisfaction
  • What Are Values?
  • A Short History of the Study of Values
  • Why Values Matter
  • Values Test
  • Using Your Results

3. Skills and Your Career

  • Who Needs Skills?
  • Who Has Skills?
  • What Are Skills?
  • Who Lacks Skills?
  • Skills Test
  • Using Your Results
  • Skills of the Future

Interests and Your Career

  • Do What Interests You
  • A Short History of Interests Tests
  • Interests Test
  • RIASEC Careers
  • Using Your Results
  • A Word About Job Titles

5. Personality and Your Career

  • Who's Got Personality?
  • What Does Personality Have to Do with Careers?
  • A Short History of the Study of Personality
  • Types, Traits, and Temperaments
  • Personality Test
  • Using Your Results

6. Work Environment and Your Career

  • Find the Environment That Suits You
  • Where Your Work Space Is
  • What Your Work Space Looks Like
  • How Flexible Do You Want to Be?
  • The Right Perks Can Perk Up Your Career
  • Dressing for Career Success
  • Work Environment Test
  • Using Your Results

7. Location and Your Career

  • Location Matters
  • Live Where the Surroundings Please You
  • Live Where You Have Support
  • Live in an Area You Can Afford
  • Live Where It's Livable
  • Location Test
  • Using Your Results

8. Work/Life Balance and Your Career

  • A Life Out of Balance
  • Not Your Grandpa's Workplace
  • Family Matters
  • Men Want a Life, Too
  • Going to Extremes
  • Who Needs Balance?
  • Work/Life Balance Test
  • Using Your Results
  • Take Action
  • To Balance or Not to Balance?

9. Entrepreneurial Readiness and Your Career

  • What Is an Entrepreneur?
  • A Short History of Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs Are Made, Not Born
  • Entrepreneurial Qualities
  • Entrepreneurial Readiness Test
  • Using Your Results

10. Managerial Suitability and Your Career

  • What Is a Manager?
  • Good Managers Are Made, Not Born
  • Managerial Suitability Test
  • Using Your Results

11. Emotional Intelligence and Your Career

  • What Is Emotional Intelligence?
  • EI Versus IQ
  • A Short History of EI
  • Emotional Intelligence Test
  • Using Your Results

12. Your Career Checkup

  • Career Checkup Chart
  • What Your Chart Tells You
  • Informational Interviews
  • Prepare to Take Action!
  • Appendix A: Published and Online Career Resources
  • Appendix B: Career Counseling Services and Other Instruments
  • Index
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