Destiny by Choice

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Defining moments—we all face them. Times of testing. Personal crises. The crossroads of life.

Destiny by Choice is a collection of true stories. Mennonite author Lily Bear draws from a lifetime of writing experience to tell about people at the crossroads.

Though each journey is different, the characters have one thing in common: God is asking them to choose the right path.

  • Tempered Through Trials—Jacob, a peace-loving follower of Christ living in Alberta, Canada, has every reason to wonder what will happen to him when he faces the draft for World War II. In time, his trials begin to make more sense.
  • God, Where Are You?—Paul and Angela leave all to serve Jesus in remote Papua New Guinea. The mission God has for them is more trying than they ever imagined—and far more beautiful.
  • No Promise of Tomorrow—Galen, Kenneth, and Lamar: three men in their prime, three different outcomes. God asked them to consider their ways. How did they respond?

These stories and others give a sober reminder that choices take people places—and eventually to one of two eternal destinies. Choose this day whom you will serve, and choose well.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Author's Introduction
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Caught in the Current
  • Cry of a Seeking Heart
    • Part One: Who Is God?
    • Part Two: Entering the Storm
    • Part Three: Shelter of Safety
  • Emergency Landing
  • Fear in the Jungle
  • Tempered Through Trials
    • Part One: War Bonds and Questions (1939)
    • Part Two: Hardships in Russia (1905-1924)
    • Part Three: Hardships in Canada (1924-1933)
    • Part Four: Standing for Truth (1939)
    • Part Five: The Call to Service (1942)
    • Part Six: What Future? (1996)
  • Destiny by Choice
    • Part One: Ellen
    • Part Two: Todd
  • Who Will Be My Daddy?
  • Weighed in the Balance: Stories of Three Lives
    • Part One: Galen
    • Part Two: Kenneth
    • Part Three: Lamar
  • Trust—Prayer—Praise
  • Living the Dream
  • The Verse on the Wall
  • Lesson From the Mango Seed
  • About the Author
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