Christopher and the Move (Book 4) - "The Fehr Family Series"

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Book 4 of The Fehr Family Series. A sequel to The Missing Invitation.

"Moving shouldn't be allowed," Christopher growls. Everyone in the Fehr family except Christopher is happy about moving to their new home. To him, the only exciting part is riding in the moving truck. Moving is hard work, and it doesn't help that he gets teased and reprimanded about being lazy.

Christopher misses their old house, even though it was smaller and didn't have a "Study Box." He misses Trouble Creek and romping in the woods. Christopher feels sorry for Great-Grandma when she must move too.

Will the new place ever feel like home? Will Great-Grandma adjust to living in a nursing home? And how will Christopher overcome his reputation for being work-shy?

Table of Contents

  • 1. The Moving Truck
  • 2. Goodbye and Hello
  • 3. Great-Grandma With the Monkeys
  • 4. Work-Shy
  • 5. Snow and Sad News
  • 6. Spelling Trouble
  • 7. An Extra Job
  • 8. Moving Sadness
  • 9. Another Move
  • 10. Jeremy's House
  • 11. A Helpful Invention
  • 12. Picking Up Sticks
  • 13. Murray O'Neil Memorial Woods
  • 14. Felling a Tree
  • 15. A Surprise Breakfast
  • 16. A Song for Great-Grandma
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