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(This course is published by Schoolaid, not by Rod and Staff Publishers.)

To the Teacher

Healthy Happy Habits is written on a third-grade level. The lessons are short and quite simple, yet they teach basic, every-day habits that can greatly benefit the child, both in physical safety and well-being and in the art of getting along with others.

As children grow, they must be taught to take responsibility for their actions. They must learn that a person is very much what he teaches himself to be. Thus the emphasis on habits. You can learn to be clean and neat. You can learn to practice safety and to help others. You can learn to be courteous and pleasant.

We do not recommend that you start this book the first week of the term. The book is divided into 5 chapters with 6 parts to each chapter. If you do one part each week, it will take 30 weeks to finish it. Start only early enough in the term to allow you to finish the program by the end of the term.

A suggested class routine schedule is provided in the beginning of the workbook. The five tests in the back of the book are designed to be cut out, and then given to the student to do after each chapter. To make your own teacher's edition, simply get an extra workbook and fill in the answers along with any personalized teaching notes.


Chapter One: Safety Habits

  • What Is a Habit?
  • 1. Safety on the Road
  • 2. Safety on the Playground
  • 3. Safety at Home
  • 4. Safety on the Farm
  • 5. Safety on Picnics and Hikes
  • 6. Chapter One Review and Test

Chapter Two: Habits for Happiness

  • 1. Good Sport Habits
  • 2. Thoughtful Habits
  • 3. Cheerful Habits
  • 4. Sharing Habits
  • 5. Obedience and Promptness Habits
  • 6. Chapter Two Review and Test

Chapter Three: Healthful Eating Habits

  • 1. Milk and Milk Products
  • 2. Whole Grain Foods
  • 3. The Meat Group
  • 4. Vegetables and Fruits
  • 5. Water
  • 6. Chapter Three Review and Test

Chapter Four: Every-Day Habits

  • 1. Habits for Cleanliness
  • 2. Care for the Teeth
  • 3. Exercise and Rest
  • 4. Neatness with Clothes and Dress
  • 5. Personal Habits
  • 6. Chapter Four Review and Test

Chapter Five: Good Manners' Habits

  • 1. Gentle and Kind Words
  • 2. Mealtime Manners
  • 3. Good Speaking Habits
  • 4. Respect for Others
  • 5. Behavior in Public
  • 6. Chapter Five Review and Test
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