The Missing Invitation (Book 3) - "The Fehr Family Series"

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Book 3 of The Fehr Family Series. A sequel to More Trouble Than Trouble Creek.

Megan noticed that each of her friends was holding a pink card. "What's that?" she asked.

"It's an invitation for a special singing practice," Valerie explained. "All the girls are joining in. Isn't it exciting?"

"Yes," was all Megan could say. Why hadn't she received an invitation? Tears stung her eyes, and she hurried away. It was just as she thought: the girls were leaving her out. They didn't want to be friends with her anymore.

When a new girl comes to church, Megan wants to be her friend. Can Megan and her friends learn to share the gift of friendship with everyone?

Table of Contents

  • 1. A New Friend
  • 2. Sharing Good Gifts
  • 3. Pictures of Friends
  • 4. Pictures of Africa
  • 5. The Mystery of the Oranges
  • 6. The Missionary and the Oranges
  • 7. Homeschool Skating
  • 8. Oh, to Be a Missionary
  • 9. Pet Friends
  • 10. Bread Bubbles
  • 11. Sewing Day
  • 12. To the Soup Kitchen
  • 13. Trouble With Friends
  • 14. A Talk With Mom
  • 15. A Talk With Friends
  • 16. A Letter From Sister Trudy
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