Looking at Myself Before Loving Someone Else

Looking at Myself Before Loving Someone Else

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A workbook to prepare young people for godly courtship

Helping youth prepare for courtship—challenging them to be the "right one".

The grim wreckage of failed marriages is all to common in today's culture. Marriages fail because people fail. Marriages often fail because people have not been prepared for either courtship or marriage.

The foundation of an enduring marriage is Christian character. An attraction for someone of the opposite gender doesn't make anyone ready for courtship. Neither are people qualified simply because they seriously want the "right one." First, one must be the right kind of person.

Looking at Myself Before Loving Someone Else is not a courtship manual. It was written to help youth prepare for courtship—to help them understand their strong, sometimes confusing, feelings toward the opposite sex. It challenges them to develop personal, godly character before courtship, before seeking a life companion.

This workbook for youth and parents will help prepare young people for courtship and lifelong, joyful marriages that glorify God.

  • Part 1: Understanding my feelings
  • Part 2: Important qualities for a young man to cultivate
  • Part 3: Important qualities for a young woman to cultivate
  • Part 4: Finding God's will
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