The Missing Popcorn and Other Stories

The Missing Popcorn - and Other Stories

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Allen is sure that Jackie Taylor has stolen the popcorn from the barn. But to his surprise, the popcorn unexpectedly reappears, and Allan learns a valuable lesson.

In the stories that follow this one, readers will meet many other children. Ann is afraid to go to school. Charles and Marlin learn a lesson in kindness to a schoolmate. Carol has a secret that Evelyn wants badly to know. Roger and Helen find something interesting in Grandfather's hen house.

Other stories are about Miriam wishing for pink hair ribbons, company for dinner at Martha Mae's house, Jewel's good report card, Grandma's surprise for Jimmie and Sharon, Diane's many days of sickness, and Charles and Richard's pea planting problems.

Each of these thirty-four stories teaches a spiritual lesson that is valuable for little children. There are lessons teaching humility, unselfishness, obedience, honesty, dependability, happiness, contentment, diligence, and many other virtues. The stories are simply and interestingly written about everyday children and their everyday experiences at home, at school, and with their friends.

Mothers will find this an excellent book to read to small children and will find many opportunities to apply the lessons in these stories to the problems and experiences of their own children, thus making the book one more tool in the nurture of their little children for the Lord.

Younger school-age children will be able to read the stories themselves and will find the children in these pages having the same feelings, problems, and pleasures that they have.

The Missing Popcorn is a companion book to Betty's Secret by the same author.


  • 1. The Missing Popcorn
  • 2. Afraid of Mark
  • 3. Bible Bear Story
  • 4. Happiness for Nancy
  • 5. Learn It and Live It
  • 6. Carol's Secret
  • 7. Loving and Giving
  • 8. When Carol Was Happy
  • 9. A Discovery
  • 10. The Beautiful Heart
  • 11. Martha Mae's Problem
  • 12. Ugly Pride
  • 13. "Doers of the Word"
  • 14. "I Believe God"
  • 15. The Good Report Card
  • 16. A Turn for Wayne
  • 17. Morris Learns Something
  • 18. The Borrowed Paper
  • 19. A Day at Grandmother's
  • 20. Ruth's Wish Book
  • 21. A Wrong Made Right
  • 22. The Doll in the Window
  • 23. The Better Way
  • 24. Six Feet
  • 25. Donna's Worries
  • 26. The Red Box
  • 27. A Wise Son
  • 28. Blue Sky and Showers
  • 29. Peas for the Lord
  • 30. Behind the Barn
  • 31. True Riches
  • 32. Trouble in School
  • 33. Grandmother's Helper
  • 24. A Merry Face
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