Betty's Secret - and Other Stories

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Betty's secret helps her to have a happy time with her brother. That secret will work for every boy or girl who makes the choice that Betty made. What do you think that secret is?

Jack's disobedience at the pond plunges him into icy waters, and John's tractor ride takes him where he does not want to go.

Daniel and Philip decide they do not want to be sluggards. John, Dorris, and Irene all have problems at school.

When the stray black puppy comes to their house, Betty and Charles learn what the Bible says about how to treat animals.

Andrew has trouble with the neighbor boy; and the twins, Barbara and Betty, find that Grandmother's advice really works.

Every story has a lesson that helps children understand how to please God and their parents.

Children ages ten and younger are sure to enjoy reading the thirty-two stories in Betty's Secret and Other Stories.


  • Betty's Secret
  • A Good Cure
  • The Chest in the Attic
  • Making Friends
  • "I Can't" Is a Sluggard
  • Willing Helpers
  • Lesson at the Pond
  • Work Well Done
  • No Nap for David
  • Teasing and Tears
  • "You're Too Little"
  • The Forgotten Grapes
  • Lost Pencils
  • "Let Me Play Too"
  • Making a Friend
  • The Little Black Puppy
  • A Letter for Grandmother
  • The Servant Who Lied
  • The Answered Prayer
  • Faithful Andrew
  • "It Worked"
  • Prayer Changes Things
  • On the Big Rock
  • Last Day of School
  • John and the Tractor
  • Timothy's Hard Day
  • Counting Blessings
  • Surprise for Mother
  • Laura Learns a Lesson
  • A Garden to Hoe In
  • To Be Happy
  • "As a Man Thinketh"
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