Coon Tree Summer - A Merry Brook Story

Coon Tree Summer - A Merry Brook Story

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First book of the Merry Brook Farm set.

Eight lively children would provide excitement enough for any family! But this summer with the Brooke family at Merry Brook Farm is an especially interesting one as they face a variety of lessons, challenges, adventures, and surprises.

Why are there two pairs of shoes beside "playhouse rock" at the brook? What gets Laurel, who is normally thoughtful and respectful, into trouble at school? What animal is behind the glowing eyes in the hollow beech tree? What happens when Daisy decides to fix her hair with yellow ribbons, or when Paul stones the pigs to make them squeal?

Live with this happy Christian family and learn with them as they make the Bible practical in everyday living. Enjoy with them the satisfaction and blessings that results from obedience to God's way.

This story continues in Ice Slide Winter.


  • 1. Spring
  • 2. A Happy Surprise
  • 3. The Long Saturday
  • 4. "So We Are Rich"
  • 5. School Troubles and Farm Babies
  • 6. Birthday Plans
  • 7. Laurel's Bad Day
  • 8. Lost Shoes
  • 9. Hunting for Candy
  • 10. "Father Prayed," Said Daisy
  • 11. School Is Out
  • 12. Secrets and Worms
  • 13. "Today We Freeze Peas"
  • 14. The Hollow Beech
  • 15. The Tent Surprise
  • 16. Sunday Guests
  • 17. Wading in Merry Brook
  • 18. Beans, Beans, Beans
  • 19. Under the Willow
  • 20. Buttons and a Merry Heart
  • 21. No Room for Clutter
  • 22. Ridge-top Picnic
  • 23. Yellow Ribbons
  • 24. The Hard Storm
  • 25. A Summer Evening
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