Ice Slide Winter - A Merry Brook Story

Ice Slide Winter - A Merry Brook Story

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Second book in the Merry Brook Farm set.

Ice Slide Winter begins where Coon Tree Summer stops, involving the reader in the unpredictable and diverse activities of the eight Brooke children in the coldest and snowiest winter that they can remember.

Experiences at school, Candy and her foal, Father's car wreck, cold, cold days with snow and more snow, secrets and surprises, toboggan and sleigh rides, and then, of course, the Great Idea that is the cap sheaf of all the winter's fun and excitement--a little more excitement than any of the Brookes have bargained for--are just a few of the happenings that transpire in this eventful winter.

Being a normal family, none of the children are perfect and Father and Mother Brooke, being Christian parents, instruct their children and teach them the Bible principles and rules by which God expects them to live.

The result is a happy home with loving and harmonious relationships where contentment and respect for God and parents is the rule of life.

Those readers who enjoyed Coon Tree Summer will be delighted with this new Merry Brook Farm story. Though written to especially appeal to readers from ten to thirteen years old, many younger and older children will also enjoy reading it.


  • 1. Piles of Leaves
  • 2. List on the Memo
  • 3. Breakfast Table Discussion
  • 4. Daisy Has a Problem
  • 5. Brent's Plan
  • 6. Bringing in Candy
  • 7. "A Soft Answer"
  • 8. Surprises
  • 9. Mother's Helpers
  • 10. Tell the Truth
  • 11. The First Snow
  • 12. Special Friends
  • 13. Daisy's Day at Home
  • 14. "It's Snowing Again"
  • 15. Snowbound
  • 16. Carol Makes Peace
  • 17. "Sing Me a Song"
  • 18. Father's Wonderful Surprise
  • 19. The Secret Project
  • 20. The Great Idea
  • 21. The Funny Saturday
  • 22. Loving God's Will
  • 23. The Accident
  • 24. Wrong Kind of Book
  • 25. Daisy's Dinner
  • 26. Larry Comes Home
  • 27. God's Goodness
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