"Exploring..." Bible Study Series - Set of 12

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  Book of Ecclesiastes $8.25
  Gospel of Luke $10.45
  Gospel of John $9.35
  Book of Acts $11.30
  Epistle to the Ephesians $8.25
  Epistle to the Philippians $7.45
  Epistles to the Colossians and Philemon $8.55
  Epistles to the Thessalonians $9.65
  Epistle to the Hebrews $9.85
  Epistle of James $6.05
  Epistles of Peter $7.45
  Epistles of John $6.90
This set includes: 12 items (set discount: 13.1%) -$13.55  
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This series explores each book or group of books in depth. Beginning with an overview of the writer, his audience, and his purpose, the scriptures are then studied verse-by-verse through each passage, building an outline of the book and enabling the reader to see how each part is related. The commentary also notes how other parts of scripture harmonize with the text at hand. Questions are provided at the end of each section to encourage further meditation and application.

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