The Beauty of Home Order

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Is home a refuge to flee to or a misery to escape from? This largely depends on whether we accept God's order or not. Rebelling against or neglecting God's order results in chaos and is anything but beautiful. Accepting and practicing God's order results in a beautiful home.

A large portion of this book deals with parenting, which is overwhelming without God's help. Are we aware of the directions God gives in His Word? Do we understand the importance of a Scriptural brotherhood? Do we realize the aid of the Holy Spirit?

What if we have failed? Homelife includes difficult relationships, special challenges, or less-than-ideal circumstances. This book presents hope for such situations, even after failure or defeat.

Can a husband and a wife live in peace with each other? Is it possible to raise God-fearing children in a God-dishonoring world? What are the challenges of raising children in foreign cultures? What are the challenges and blessings of adoption? How should parents relate to rebellious children? How should they relate to married children? What is God's plan for single adults? What is our responsibility to aged parents and other elderly ones among us? How should parents teach their children the facts of life? How should one relate to a marriage partner who is not a victorious Christian? What if we have failed? Are peaceful relationships possible? This book presents Bible principles and applies them to these questions.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • 1. Husband-Wife Relationships
  • 2. Training Up the Child
  • 3. Relating to a Raising Youth
  • 4. Raising Children in Foreign Cultures
  • 5. Adoption
  • 6. The Return of the Rebel
  • 7. Parents' Responsibilities to Married Children
  • 8. The Single Adult in God's Headship Order
  • 9. Honoring the Aged
  • 10. Guidelines for Moral Training in the Home
  • 11. When Only One Parent Is a Christian
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