Chuma, and Chuma Finds a Baby (Volume 1) - "Missionary Adventure Stories Series"

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Volume 1 of the Missionary Adventure Stories Series.

The introduction of Jesus to an African village in the land of Bunyore wins Chuma, the witch doctor's daughter. With Jesus in her heart, Chuma's hate for Oraka turns to love, and she brings her sister to Jesus.

But the cruel tribal customs of abandoning a twin baby embroils Chuma in a struggle against Baku, the witch doctor, who defends the wicked customs of the village people. Will Chuma's faith in Jesus save the baby's life?


Chuma—Volume I

  • Chuma
  • Chuma Meets a New Girl
  • Chuma Learns to Make Pots
  • The Chief's Baby is Sick
  • Limoni Helps
  • The Locusts Come
  • The Pots Are Smashed
  • Oraka Is Very Sick

Chuma—Volume II

  • Baby in the Grass
  • The Square House
  • Ngutia's Knife
  • No Place to Go
  • Leopard Teeth
  • A New Hut
  • Hail
  • Glorious Mistake
  • Conclusion
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