Jesus Really Said That?

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Five teachings of Jesus often missed, ignored, or rejected

Jeremy and Alicia enjoy attending Lakeside Believers Fellowship. The sermons are gripping, the programs exciting, and the worship team is second to none. Without question, Lakeside is the place to be! But there is one problem: Jeremy and Alicia have never paid much attention to what Jesus actually taught.

Many people think they understand Christianity. They believe that a man named Jesus came to earth a couple thousand years ago, died on a cross, and then rose from the dead. They believe that accepting these facts makes them Christians and allows them to go to a place called heaven when they die.

That is what Jeremy and Alicia thought Christianity consisted of too... until they began to look at what Jesus really said.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Lakeside Believers Fellowship
  • 2. Jesus—Do I Really Know Him?
  • 3. Hearing and Doing
  • 4. Happiness or Holiness?
  • 5. A Kingdom That Doesn't Fight?
  • 6. Marriage for Life?
  • 7. Money, Possessions, and Jesus
  • 8. Have We Been Immunized?
  • 9. What Happened to the Power?
  • 10. Did Jesus Really Say That?
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