Overcoming Inferiority

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One woman's journey to victory

Jenna, the older sister, was beautiful. Talented. Popular. Neat. Confident. Sarah was the next born—the ordinary one. For years she was simply known as "Jenna's sister," without an identity of her own. Falling into the trap of comparison, Sara became all too familiar with inferiority, the gut-wrenching pain of believing she was worthless. But she found victory and wants others to find it too.

I share my testimony for two reasons: First, it is my song of victory to God in thanks for His glorious freedom and healing, as well as a declaration to Satan that I am done believing his lies. Second, I share it because I am convinced this is a much-needed message, especially among youth girls. I have an urgency to offer hope to young women who feel of little worth, inferior, or who think of themselves as failures. In Christ, there is a way of escape from these debilitating feelings.


  • Introduction
  • My Story
  • The Diagnosis
  • The Hope of a Cure
  • What Does an Overcomer Look Like?
  • Verses of Power
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