God Made Tim - "Stepping Forward Series" Step 1-A

God Made Tim (Step 1-A) - "Stepping Forward Series"

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From the Stepping Forward Series.

Tim visits a zoo with his family and sees many animals. He knows that just as God made all the animals, God also made him.

New concepts in this book:

  • One-syllable, short-vowel words, using ten consonants
    [s, t, m, c, k, b, f, n, y, p]
  • Seven sight words
    [God, made, the, good, yellow, Father, Mother]


The stories in the Stepping Forward series are written to help beginning readers find that reading a book is enjoyable, satisfying, and worthwhile. Careful attention has been given to vocabulary and sentence length to make them appealing to a first-grade student.

This series has been divided into steps. Each step is slightly more advanced, to be used as children increase their reading skills. Step One books have extremely simple vocabulary and are written for the very youngest readers.

In the beginning stages of learning to read, some children may benefit from hearing a story read to them before they try to master it themselves. This may be done by working through the book together, page by page, or by reading the whole book to them before they begin to read. Many children, however, will not need this help, and will enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of reading books on their own.

Because these books have been written for children who are learning to read, we encourage adults to not give opportunity for preschool children to memorize these stories, since that would hinder their value.

Giving children enough practice in reading is crucial to their mastering the art. Therefore, having them read the right books—and lots of them—can be of great value. Stepping Forward stories are designed to aid children in becoming good—and interested—readers. These books are ideal for independent reading by primary children at school and at home.

Story Titles

  • 1. Tim
  • 2. Kim
  • 3. Father
  • 4. Mother
  • 5. It Is Good
  • 6. The Fat Cub
  • 7. The Man
  • 8. The Yak
  • 9. The Cat
  • 10. It Is Fun
  • 11. The Buck
  • 12. Can Tim Nap?
  • 13. God Is Good
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