"God is Good Series" Set

"God Is Good Series" Set of 9

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  The Egg and the Chick (Book 1) $3.60
  The Squirrel and the Nut (Book 2) $3.60
  God Makes Seeds That Grow (Book 3) $3.60
  God Made the Animals (Book 4) $3.60
  God Made Me (Book 5) $3.60
  God Made Us (Book 6) $3.60
  We Should Be Thankful (Book 7) $3.60
  God Made the Opossum (Book 8) $3.60
  God Made the Firefly (Book 9) $3.60
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This series is designed to give constructive reading practice to pupils using the Bible Nurture and Reader Series, but any beginning reader may enjoy them. These books use words pupils have learned to conquer with their phonics, plus a few new words. Children should be able to read these books independently. Instructions for the teacher are included in each book.

If you are using Grade 1 Reading (3rd Edition), students will be ready to read these books in the following order (due to word list changes in the 3rd Edition, two books* are to be used later in sequence than the book number indicates):

Or if you are using the 2nd Edition reading materials, use these in the following order:

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