Set of 6 "Stepping Forward Series"

"Stepping Forward Series" Set of 7

  • Soft cover
  • 46-72 pages
  • 1.42 lbs

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This set includes:  # in My Cart
  God Made Tim (Step 1-A) $4.80
  God Made Nuts (Step 1-B) $4.80
  A Good Day (Step 2-A) $4.80
  A Good Pet (Step 2-B) $4.80
  Jane and Kay (Step 3-A) $4.80
  Dale and the Steers (Step 3-B) $4.80
  Fishing With Uncle Nathan (Step 4) $4.80
This set includes: 7 items    
  • $33.60

These interestingly written stories help beginning readers enjoy reading independently. The books have durable paper covers and contain much repetition and many illustrations. These books have been categorized into three steps:

  • Step One books have extremely simple vocabulary for the very youngest readers.
  • Step Two books have very simple vocabulary for very young readers.
  • Step Three books reinforce long vowel concepts.
  • Step Four books focus on reinforcing consonant digraphs.
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