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  The Sun Is Up (Book 1) $3.85
  Ten Calves (Book 2) $3.85
  Plants From God (Book 3) $3.85
  The Red Hen (Book 4) $3.85
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Words are broken into syllables, and pronunciation is included with harder words to help the beginning reader.

Each book in the Don and Jill Series is written to make a child's first reading experiences a pleasure. Simple words and short sentences allow first graders to read a whole book on their own!

See excerpts:

The Sun Is Up:

  • 1. The Sun Is Up

Ten Calves:

  • 1. Calves (Cavz)

Plants From God:

  • 1. Pump-kin Plants

The Red Hen:

  • Story 1: Mom's Hens
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