The Family at Dogwood Hill

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Kevin, Violet, and Andrew live in a happy home on Dogwood Hill. With Christian parents to help them, the children learn important lessons about life.

When Andrew shares an unkind story about one of his friends, he learns about slander and how it hurts others. The discovery of purple beans in the garden brings the opportunity to learn about wastefulness. Lively, roly-poly puppies give the children a chance to learn about treating animals kindly. A wheelbarrow load of tomatoes teaches perseverance.

The natural world around Dogwood Hill also inspires learning. From cardinals and monkey flowers to doodlebugs and bats, the children learn to see the hand of the Creator.

The Family at Dogwood Hill contains thirteen stories for children five to seven years old.

Story Titles

  • 1. Cardinal in the Kitchen
  • 2. "He That Uttereth a Slander
  • 3. Purple Beans
  • 4. Kindness for Wolf
  • 5. Food and Flowers
  • 6. "Never Mind It"
  • 7. Be Courteous
  • 8. Nighttime Singers
  • 9. Tunnel Trouble
  • 10. The Little Brown Bat
  • 11. Doodlebug
  • 12. Helping Grandma
  • 13. Heaven, the Best of All
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