Steamboat Rock (Book 6) - Amish Frontier Series

Steamboat Rock (Book 6) - Amish Frontier Series

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Book 6 in the Amish Frontier Series; a sequel to Arrow in the Sky.

"There will be bears," people warned the Yoders when they move to Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Bears? During the Yoders' first months at their new home, the only dangers crossing their path are in the form of snapping turtles, shingle pigs and submerged fences. The lack of bears becomes a Yoder family joke. In fact, 13-year-old Hettie can't wait to meet one....

It is 1941, and the Second World War casts a long black shadow over life. With the War the Yoders face new trials and challenges. Will Joshua and Elam be drafted into the army?

When Hettie finally meets her bear, she begins to understand how Peter felt when all his boastful courage drained away that night in the high priest's palace.

Among the rocks and hills of the Michigan wilderness, the Yoders learn anew the truth taught by the Psalmist so many years ago: "The Lord is my rock...."

Table of Contents

  • 1. Stuck in the Fence
  • 2. News From Europe
  • 3. Snapper
  • 4. Shingle Pigs and Mountain Lakes
  • 5. God Is a Rock
  • 6. Disagreements
  • 7. Strained Fellowship
  • 8. Encounter
  • 9. Long Home
  • 10. First Day of School
  • 11. Snow and Cold
  • 12. Fire from the Sky
  • 13. Flying With Birdie
  • 14. Up the Tomahawk
  • 15. Home Again
  • 16. Tools of the Trade
  • 17. Yellow for Cowardice
  • 18. Called Up
  • 19. Surprises
  • 20. Shadow of War
  • 21. Blueberry Cake
  • 22. Death in the Jungle
  • 23. To Whom Will Ye Flee
  • 24. Rock of Refuge
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