Arrow in the Sky (Book 5) - Amish Frontier Series

Arrow in the Sky (Book 5) - Amish Frontier Series

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Book 5 in the Amish Frontier Series; a sequel to Paradise Valley.

No jobs—no money—no food. This became a little refrain that you heard practically every day in the early 1930's.

Operating a rice farm in Arkansas, the Yoder family had plenty of food. But money was another matter. The plans to buy homes for Abner and Noah had to wait.

Through it all, God worked miracles of love and sharing. Wandering the roads in search of work, families came along needing food and a warm place to stay. Like thousands of others during the Great Depression, the Yoder family shared the little they had with the destitute.

Joshua learns that life is like an arrow shot into the sky. Though we do not know where the arrow will go, God is in control and He can always be trusted.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Work in the Mud
  • 2. Arrow in the Sky
  • 3. Black as Tar
  • 4. Rainbow Round the Throne
  • 5. Cardboard Foundation
  • 6. Be Not Afraid of Their Terror
  • 7. Summer Holidays Begin
  • 8. A Dictionary for Hannah
  • 9. Rice-Birds and Bank Failures
  • 10. School Begins
  • 11. Dark Day
  • 12. Scarecrow
  • 13. At Home At School
  • 14. Hal, the Mechanic
  • 15. A Stack of Paper
  • 16. Trapdoor in the Sky
  • 17. A Watering Screw
  • 18. Joy and Sadness
  • 19. Visitors at School
  • 20. A Pot of Stew
  • 21. Appendicitis
  • 22. One Cold Night
  • 23. A Home for Noah
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