My Brother's Keeper: Race Relations in Mennonite Perspective

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As Christians, we believe all humans are one extended family descended from Adam and Eve. Yet we may have difficulty seeing a family resemblance or feeling a blood kinship with people from other nationalities, ethnicities, or races. Differences, real and perceived, can lead to fear and mistrust. Being part of the human family doesn't guarantee loving relationships—even the first family was plagued by hatred and violence.

My Brother's Keeper discusses the history of race relations, looks at how Mennonites have responded to racial diversity in the past, and suggests Biblical responses to issues such as interracial marriage, transracial adoptions, race-based privilege, and political correctness.

Our homes and churches can be a foreshadowing of the fellowship of Heaven, where the Bible describes a multiethnic multitude praising God together.


  • Introduction: Same Father and Mother?

History of Race Relations

  • 1. Smooth Sailing on the Ocean Blue?
  • 2. Tripping Over the Roots of Racism
  • 3. Racism's High Cost and Low Price
  • 4. My Cousin's Cousin's Cousin
  • 5. My Great-Grandpappy theBarbarian
  • 6. Exposing Racism

Congregational Response to Racial Diversity

  • 7. Race Relations in the Anabaptist Context
  • 8. A Color-Blind Church?
  • 9. A Culturally Aware Church

The Believer's Response to Contemporary Racial Issues

  • 10. The Undefiled Marriage Bed
  • 11. Extending the Family Table
  • 12. The Bride of Christ
  • 13. A Life of Privilege
  • 14. Gentrification and Cross-Cultural Outreach
  • 15. Excited for the Future
  • Bibliography

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