Grade 3 Pathway Reading Series Set

Grade 3 Pathway Reading Series Set

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This grade includes 2 readers with a total of 66 lessons in 11 units.

The teacher's editions are a reduced copy of the workbook with answers filled in.

The quizzes are designed to increase reading comprehension, and should be done after reading each story and completing the associated workbook exercises.

Tests are included at the end of each workbook, to be taken after completing a unit in the reader.

New Friends

Unit 1: Lessons to Live By

  • Something Special
  • Something Special (Part 2)
  • "What Is a Habit?"
  • Dad Keeps His Promise
  • Help for Rachel's Habit
  • Helping
  • I'd Like To Be
  • One Step More
  • Building Character

Unit 2: Feathered Friends

  • Tricked By a Bird
  • Chee, the Barn Swallow
  • Peggy, the Penguin
  • Whistle, the Baltimore Oriole
  • A Family of Pelicans
  • Fly Away Little Birds
  • Who Showed Them?
  • Scattered Crumbs

Unit 3: Surprises

  • Great Plans
  • The Surprise Cake
  • Greener Grass
  • "Work Before Play"
  • Ten Thousand Babies
  • Grandmother
  • A Pencil

Unit 4: The Kauffman Boys

  • A Dollar to Spend
  • The Dumbest Thing
  • Mrs. Wright's Gift
  • A Fitting Name
  • The Missing Cow
  • Better Than Ice Cream
  • Autumn

Unit 5: On the Farm

  • Report Cards
  • Chore Time
  • One Part of Life
  • A Trick For Dad
  • A Glass of Warm Water
  • Bitternut Hickory
  • Study Words

More New Friends

Unit 1: Our Animal Friends

  • An Exciting Day
  • Tusky, An African Elephant
  • King of the Mountain
  • Alice the Alligator
  • Shaggy the Buffalo

Unit 2: Almost Nine

  • The "Snakey" Bridge
  • Crossing the Bridge
  • Busy Days
  • Two Thankful Girls
  • Vacation for Mother
  • A Happy, Busy Day

Unit 3: Chore Time

  • Slow Feet
  • Singing Wheels
  • The Lost Billfold
  • The Wrong Reward

Unit 4: Living and Learning

  • Funny Face
  • A Trip to Town
  • Spoiled Plans
  • A New Game

Unit 5: Growing Up

  • The Wooden Box
  • A Surprise for Toby
  • Toby and the Teaser
  • Billy Bouncer
  • Toby Tries

Unit 6: Stories from Long Ago

  • A Friend or an Enemy?
  • Two Kinds of Fun
  • Some Coals That Burn
  • A Narrow Escape
  • The Golden Windows
  • Study Words
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