Grade 2 Pathway Reading Series Set

Grade 2 Pathway Reading Series Set

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This grade includes 3 readers containing 68 lessons in 14 units.

The teacher's editions are a reduced copy of the workbook with answers filled in.

Tests are included at the end of the first two workbooks, to be taken after completing a unit in the reader. The third workbook has a separate test packet, with each test to be taken after completing the reader pages indicated on the test.

The Learning Through Sounds Practice Work workbook is designed to review the phonics concepts learned in first grade, and should be scheduled according to the teacher's discretion.

Flow Chart (left-to-right):

Busy Times

Unit 1: Summer Fun

  • A Warm Day
  • A Good Dog
  • Rover and the Wagon

Unit 2: Whiskers

  • A Pet Goat
  • The Goat Cart
  • Whiskers and the Cart
  • Peter Forgets
  • Good-by, Goat Cart

Unit 3: Living Together

  • New Work for Peter
  • The Golden Rule
  • Rachel's Candy
  • Andrew and the Cats
  • The Working Bee

Unit 4: New Neighbors

  • The Only Girl
  • Getting Ready to Move
  • A Busy Day
  • The Long Ride
  • The New Farm
  • An Evening with Peter and Rachel
  • Home at Last

Unit 5: A Happy Home

  • "We Want a Pony!"
  • The New Bat
  • "Who Broke the Bat?"
  • Nancy Makes Things Right
  • Word List

More Busy Times

Unit 1: Family Times

  • "What's Wrong with Rachel?"
  • Peter's Plan
  • A Special Day
  • Grandfather Plays Doctor
  • Another Special Day

Unit 2: Grandfather's Stories

  • The "Wolf" Story
  • The "Doll" Story
  • The "Doll" Story (Part 2)
  • The "Grandmother" Story
  • The "Finders-Keepers" Story

Unit 3: Growing Up

  • The Smallest Girl
  • A Hard Day for Nancy
  • Nelson's Problems
  • Nelson and Dr. Wood

Unit 4: Peter and His Money

  • Peter's Bank
  • Peter Learns a Lesson
  • Peter Finds a Way
  • Trapping Mice
  • A Trap for Peter

Unit 5: It Happened at School

  • Susan and Her Friends
  • A Friend for Susan
  • Susan Tries
  • Levi's Extra Fun
  • The Bobsled Bus
  • Word List

Climbing Higher

Unit 1: Day by Day

  • Too Little
  • The Pet Pigeon
  • Erma's Secret
  • The Red Airplane

Unit 2: Lessons to Learn

  • Verna's Vacation
  • An Eraser and a Ruler
  • Two Heavy Pennies
  • Wilma Waits for Help
  • The Boy in the Wagon [Note: This story is about an encounter with a handicapped child, and it makes the point that having good health is more valuable than having toys. However, it is written in a way that is very insensitive to its impact on those who are actually faced with the special challenges of handicaps, as well as missing the opportunity to help able-bodied children gain a more God-honoring view of those with special needs.]

Unit 3: Learning About Animals

  • The Animal of Surprises
  • A Giant and Its Baby
  • The Camel Bird
  • The Purple Martin
  • Honeybees

Unit 4: Climbing Higher

  • The Boy Who Was Afraid
  • The Missing Cupcakes
  • Joseph Tattles on Himself
  • Melinda Learns to be Thankful
  • Cows Are Cows
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