Grade 1 Pathway "Days Go By" Workbook

Grade 1 Pathway "Days Go By" Workbook

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Reader workbook 2 for Grade 1 Pathway Reading Series, designed to accompany the Days Go By reader, with instructions and answers provided in the teacher's manual.

To the teacher

This workbook has been prepared especially for first graders in Amish parochial schools, to accompany the primer, Days Go By. Not only was the book prepared with the children in mind, their teachers were also considered. The exercises were designed to train the children to work independently, with a minimum of teacher assistance.

No teacher should try to teach the lessons in this book without the help of the Teacher's Edition. This Teacher's Edition contains detailed instructions and suggestions, plus many supplementary exercises that should help the teacher keep her first graders constructively occupied.

In a previous edition, all the Learning Through Sounds pages were placed at the end of the book, starting with page 57, and notes to the teacher were included inside the back cover. In the current (2012) edition, these pages are now grouped with each lesson, and the teaching notes and answers are found in the teacher's edition.

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