Joanna of Checkerboard Hills

Joanna of Checkerboard Hills

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The Horst family is trying to adjust to their new home in Kentucky. Joanna finds the checkered hills beautiful and the people friendly. But their new house is too small, it lacks running water, and it has an outhouse instead of a bathroom. Their nearest neighbors live in tiny houses that in some cases can only be called shacks. Floods and wildfires threaten the community. But far worse than these are the strife, gambling, drinking, and murder that plague the wretched lives of the people around them.

When Joanna is tempted with discouragement or discontent, she reminds herself of their reason for moving. God has sent their family to tell the people about Jesus and the true peace and joy that only He can give.

This story is based on the actual experiences of a family who served in the 1950s at a little mission church in Kentucky, operated under the Allegheny Conference.


  • 1. A View From Above
  • 2. Welcome to Silver Pine Creek
  • 3. Hollers and Branches
  • 4. Content
  • 5. A New Song
  • 6. Treasures in Heaven
  • 7. The Pass-Over Place
  • 8. Dirty Ears
  • 9. "Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear"
  • 10. Mother's Work List
  • 11. Just a Game of Cards
  • 12. Happiness at Home
  • 13. A Call to Twisting Sourwood
  • 14. Faith in Shoe Leather
  • 15. An Open Bible
  • 16. A Bible Instead of a Gun
  • 17. Land of Yesterday
  • 18. Deep in the Land of Yesterday
  • 19. God Is Here
  • 20. Little Fires
  • 21. A Better Aroma in Heaven
  • 22. Father's Strong Arms
  • 23. The Prayer of the Righteous
  • 24. Trust Amid Threats
  • 25. Lest Your Weary Your Neighbor
  • 26. Checkerboard Corn
  • 27. Apples of Gold
  • 28. The Only Way Over
  • 29. Strangers and Pilgrims
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