Exploring the Epistles of John

Exploring... The Epistles of John

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From the "Exploring..." Bible Study Series.

"Tender but tough" well describes John's three letters. The word love shows up again and again, along with tender expressions, such as "my little children." But toughness shows up too. Here we find clear logic leading to obvious conclusions and to the drawing of firm lines. The language is simple and fatherly, but the concepts are deep and demanding.

Table of Contents

  • Part 1: Introducing the Epistles of John
  • Part 2: First John: Lessons in Fellowship
  • Part 3: Conditions of Fellowship
  • Part 4: Test of Fellowship
  • Part 5: Fellowship Perfected
  • Part 6: Second John: Lessons in Truth and Love
  • Part 7: Third John: Lessons in Christian Living
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