Grade 6 or 7 Music "Developing in Music" Set

Grade 6 or 7 (Level 2) Music "Developing in Music" Set

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This course consists of 4 books: pupil's textbook, workbook, test booklet, and teacher's manual. The pupil's textbook explains the rudiments of music. Concepts reviewed or taught include the staff and its parts, accidentals, the major and minor diatonic scales, the chromatic scale, key signatures, note values, measure structure, and expressive singing. In addition, the appendix gives sight-reading exercises, three-part songs, and a glossary.

The workbook gives additional drill on the concepts taught in the pupil's textbook.

The teacher's manual divides the work into 30 lessons and gives practical help for teaching the music class. Suggested songs that relate to the lessons may be found in the Christian Hymnal.

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Table of Contents

  • How to Use the Teacher's Manual

Chapter One: Introduction

  • 1. Music Is Important
  • 2. The Human Voice
  • 3. System of Study
  • 4. Review of Chapter One

Chapter Two: The Staff and Accidentals

  • 5. Introduction to the Staff, and Clef Signatures
  • 6. Absolute Pitch, and the Function of Accidentals
  • 7. Naturals, Double Sharps, and Double Flats
  • 8. Rules for the Use of Accidentals
  • 9. Review of Chapter Two

Chapter Three: Scale Patterns

  • 10. Introducing the Scale, Different Kinds of Scales, and the Major Diatonic Scale
  • 11. The Minor Diatonic Scale
  • 12. Moods of the Diatonic Scale
  • 13. The Chromatic Scale
  • 14. Review Chapters One to Three

Chapter Four: The Key Signature and Transposition

  • 15. What Is a Key, and What Is a Key Signature?
  • 16. What Is Transposition? and Transposition by Fifths
  • 17. Transposition by Fourths
  • 18. Transposition and Key Signatures
  • 19. Review of Chapter Four

Chapter Five: Note Value and Measure Structure

  • 20. Note and Rest Values, and Characters That Affect Note Values
  • 21. Repeat Signs
  • 22. Pulse—Unit of Measure
  • 23. The Time Signature
  • 24. Checking the Measure
  • 25. Beating Patterns and Accent
  • 26. Review of Chapter Five

Chapter Six: Expressing Singing

  • 27. Observing the Mood and the Message, and Tempo
  • 28. Volume and Style
  • 29. Review of Chapters Four to Six
  • 30. Book-length Review

Answer Section

  • Study Questions Answer Key
  • Workbook Answer Key
  • Test Booklet Answer Key
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