Grade 4 or 5 Music "Growing in Music" Set

Grade 4 or 5 (Level 1) Music "Growing in Music" Set

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This textbook can be used for students who have had no previous music instruction. Sound and tone properties, good singing habits, parts of the staff, the major diatonic scale, notes and rests, and rhythm are taught. Sight-reading exercises in the back of the book help students to learn the scale and simple rhythm patterns. A sections of rounds and two-part songs is provided to help the student in harmonizing parts.

The workbook is divided into 21 lessons, which combines exercises to help rivet the concepts taught in the textbook. A test booklet and flash cards are also available.

Even a teacher who has never taught music before can easily follow the practical direction found in the teacher's manual. How to teach the lessons and conduct the singing periods are clearly explained. Various drills and quizzes are included, as well as the answer keys for the study questions, workbook, and the test booklet. Suggested songs are listed, which may be found in Silver Gems in Song.

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Table of Contents

  • How to Use the Teacher's Manual

Chapter One: Introduction to Music

  • 1. Musical and Unmusical Sounds
  • 2. Tone Properties: Length and Pitch
  • 3. Tone Properties: Power and Quality

Chapter Two: Learning to Sing Correctly

  • 4. The Voice
  • 5. Good Singing Habits
  • 6. Review of Chapters One and Two

Chapter Three: The Staff

  • 7. Lines and Spaces of the Staff
  • 8. Pitches on the Staff
  • 9. The Grand Staff
  • 10. Steps, Half-Steps, and Ledger Lines; [Recognition of] Key Signature and Time Signature
  • 11. Four-part Music, Bars, and Scores
  • 12. Review of Chapter Three

Chapter Four: The Major Diatonic Scale

  • 13. Introduction to the Scale
  • 14. Shaped Notes
  • 15. Home Tone, Octaves, and Intervals
  • 16. Placing the Scale on the Staff
  • 17. Review of Chapter Four
  • 18. Review of Chapters One to Four

Chapter Five: Notes and Rests

  • 19. Introduction to Notes
  • 20. Relating Note Values
  • 21. Adding and Dividing Notes
  • 22. Rests
  • 23. General Review
  • 24. Review of Chapter Five

Chapter Six: Rhythm

  • 25. Rhythm Patterns
  • 26. Pulses and Pulse Notes
  • 27. The Time Signature
  • 28. Authors and Composers
  • 29. Review of Chapter Six
  • 30. Book-length Review

Answer Section

  • Study Questions Answer Key
  • Workbook Answer Key
  • Test Booklet Answer Key
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