Grade 8 Music "Maturing in Music 8" Set

Grade 8 Music "Maturing in Music 8" Set

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Maturing in Music 8 is designed to follow Developing in Music. It has 24 lessons divided into 5 units and is arranged in a textbook-workbook format. Students write their answers in the workbook, which will provide a music reference source for them if they keep the book after completing the course.

The teacher's manual, bound with a durable paper cover, includes a reduced copy of each pupil page with the answers filled in. Oral reviews, drills, lesson outlines, teacher helps, and additional notes of interest are given in the margins.

In addition to reviewing and strengthening concepts taught in the lower levels, students will learn about characteristics of worthy hymn lyrics and church music, transposition of keys, reading round notes, the minor and pentatonic scales, notation of rhythm, dynamics, and song interpretation. Suggested songs that relate to the lessons may be found in the Church Hymnal.

Unit tests are in a separate booklet with tear-out sheets.

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Table of Contents

Unit 1 - A Worthy Song

  • 1. The Purpose of Congregational Singing
  • 2. Characteristics of Worthy Hymn Lyrics
  • 3. Characteristics of Worthy Church Music
  • 4. Singing Meaningfully
  • 5. Unit One Review

Unit 2 - Melodics: The Study of Pitch

  • 6. The Staff: Establishing the Pitch
  • 7. The Key Signature: The Pitch of the Scale
  • 8. Transposition: The Reason for the Key Signature
  • 9. Reading Round Notes
  • 10. Unit Two Review

Unit 3 - A Study of Scales

  • 11. The Major Scale
  • 12. The Chromatic Scale
  • 13. The Minor Scale and Pentatonic Scale
  • 14. Unit Three Review

Unit 4 - Notation of Rhythm

  • 15. Comparative Time Relationships
  • 16. The Meaning of the Time Signature
  • 17. Compound Measures
  • 18. Accented Pulses
  • 19. Rhythm Variations
  • 20. Unit Four Review

Unit 5 - Dynamics and Song Interpretation

  • 21. Signs for Tempo
  • 22. Signs for Volume
  • 23. Signs for Style and Repetition
  • 24. Unit Five Review
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